Raising the Bar for Professional Development
Instructor Ethics
For Public Safety Instructors

Law enforcement administrators agree that upholding professional ethics and integrity is critically important for the profession. From recruiting and selection, through promotions and assignments, to training and field activities, no other factor weaves such a powerful web through every aspect of policing. There is a critical need to heighten the awareness and visibility of our ethical standards, both internally and externally. -IACP. (n.d.). Ethics TOOLKIT. Retrieved from http://www.theiacp.org/ethics

The need for enhanced ethics training in Public Safety gains more attention everyday. Are your agency instructors prepared to lead that charge? DYNAMIC INSTRUCTION trains instructors to avoid ethical failings including conflicts of interest, bias and inaccuracy, and to uphold best practices, such as transparency and accountability. Participants will take a hands-on approach to define and evaluate personal and organizational ethics, ethical dilemmas faced by instructors in adult education, professional/human interactions and the decline of societal moral standards, as well leadership characteristics.

Training will Include:

  • Defining Personal and Organizational ethics
  • 4 Approaches to decision making
  • Professional Human Interactions and the decline of society’s moral code
  • Social skill building through Problem solving
  • Critically evaluating ethical case studies relevant to instructor
  • Leadership skill building
  • Growth mindset and positive regard for mankind
  • Reviewing Code of Ethics in other professions
  • “From Officer to Inmate: Examining the “slippery slope” of bad decision making (Case studies)
  • Effect of Stress on Decision Making
  • Reading and Evaluating Current Research
  • Ethics and Social Media

Instructor(s): Trina Niznik and J Purdy

Target Audience: All police, fire, EMS, agency instructors, academy instructors, or any person wanting to pursue becoming an effective public safety instructor.

Length1 Day (Certificates will be provided for your training files)

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Date & Time: Contact us today

Cost: Florida Locations $97 p/p  *(Hosting Discounts Available/Price varies other states)

*minimum participant requirements. 
*Upon submission of registration, participants are responsible for payments. 

Note~ If you do not attend, you are still responsible for payment and may have a substitute take your place.

Payment options:
Agency Purchase Order, all major credit cards, or check made payable to Dynamic Instruction
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