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Behavioral Threat Assessment for School Safety 
(Formerly) Developing School Threat Intelligence...
  1. “Very well put together and informative……This should be a mandatory class for all SROs, as well as the entire school administration and teachers”
    Jim F. , School Resource Deputy
  2. “It was so helpful learning about the science and brain research behind potential shooters and also how we can help each other prevent shootings”
    Bethany M., School Administrator
  3. “I enjoyed the interaction and many resources available, also the statistics, videos, and references were great “take-aways” as well as the ESE acronyms, HIPPA/FERPA information, and school based team involvement…..very knowledgeable instructors….thank you again for your compassionate perspective and wisdom. I really enjoyed your class”
    Robin K., Police Major
  4. “A workshop for all school administrators should on roles, responsibilities and awareness of what signs to look for in the everyday setting”
    Tina S., School Administrator
  5. “It was helpful to have people from different backgrounds together to begin dialogue…..Real world examples, warning signs and the emphasis on communication and collaboration were helpful too”
    Patty D., School Psychologist
  6. “Principals, school board officials, supervisors, school administrators need this training”
    Patti M., School Resource Officer
  7. “Eye opening information……trainers did a great job”
    Ronald M., School Resource Officer
  8. “Thank you for a very informative session. As a school board member, this is all new to me. Coordination and teamwork is going to be required to be effective (at preventing another shooting)”
    Paul C., School Board Member
  9. “I learned a lot and am looking forward to adding many of these things to help our school”
    Eric B., Assistant Principal
  10. “The training brought out a lot of topics that truly needed to be addressed with the recent changes”
    Rhonda G, School Resource Officer
  11. “I learned new ideas on ways to recognize troubled students”
    Stan S., School Resource Officer
  12. “It was helpful seeing the educator’s side of law enforcement in schools”
    Chris H., School Resource Deputy
  13. “It was helpful to learn about Generation Z characteristics, slang, your website resources, how to create a “watch list” and the warning signs”
    Kevin B., Teacher
  14. “The training was very beneficial and information to share and ponder….appreciated the generation information”
    Jenni G., School Administrator
  15. “Great training….thanks for the information you shared on mentoring and encouraging troubled kids”
    Melissa M., School Psychologist
  16. “I feel that this course was well prepared and presented and contained pertinent information in line with current threats”
    Calvin M., School Resource Deputy
  17. “I am hoping to get my Administration on board with hosting this training at my school in the future….great information”
    Felisha A., School Resource Deputy
  18. “Very informative….this information needs to be pushed towards Administrators, Educators and civilians in the schools”
    Eddie A., School Resource Deputy
  19. “The most helpful part of this training was the warning signs. I will be adding it to my presentation in the community”
    Erica R., Community Engagement Deputy
  20. This was a very well put together program. This was a good combination of training from L.E.O. and Educator.
    Michael R., SRD Lieutenant
  21. I loved the class. This was the first class I've ever taken that had a tremendous amount of useful info that can be used everyday.
    Susan H., Sheriff's Captain